The DBC conducts the following activities to support the social contributions of the national university hospitals through their educational and research capabilities, as well as to demonstrate the value of these hospitals as they represent the last bastion of advanced medical care and regional healthcare.

  • Collection of various types of data, analyses, and feedback of the analytical results

  • Measurement and benchmarking of medical safety indicators

    Under the authorization of the National University Hospital Council of Japan, the DBC is implementing a project from FY2021 onward to measure medical safety indicators using data from 43 hospitals, as well as to visualize and efficiently share the results. The main users of these results are expected to be clinicians, and this project will support ascertaining the actual conditions and detecting issues in clinical practice in order to ensure medical safety and improve healthcare quality.

  • Benchmarking of medical practice performance according to medical reimbursement system

    The DBC is implementing a project to measure procedure-specific medical practice performance according to medical reimbursement system using data from FY2016 onward, and to allow the relevant personnel in each participating hospital’s medical administrative department to view the results. Through this project, we aim to support the decision-making processes concerning hospital management.

  • Security assurance