Message from the Chairperson, Database Management Committee

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your kind understanding and support toward the mission and activities of the Database Center of the National University Hospitals (DBC).
The center was established in 2006 in the University of Tokyo Hospital. Under the Database Management Committee, the DBC conducts analyses on a wide range of data collected from Japan’s national university hospitals. In addition to providing the results of these analyses as feedback to the hospitals, studies are also conducted to inform and support policy recommendations.

The data collected by our center are used effectively as the basis to accomplish the necessary tasks of the national university hospitals. In addition, the various activities of the center aim to support the social contributions of the national university hospitals through their educational and research capabilities, as well as to demonstrate the value of these hospitals as they represent the last bastion of advanced medical care and regional healthcare. I ask for your continued understanding and support as we carry on our endeavors to achieve these goals.

Akira HARA (Director, University of Tsukuba Hospital)
Chairperson, Database Management Committee
National University Hospital Council of Japan (General Incorporated Association)

Message from the Manager, Database Center of the National University Hospitals

The Database Center of the National University Hospitals (DBC) was established within the University of Tokyo Hospital in 2006 in accordance with the consensus of the National University Hospital Council of Japan. Since its formation, the DBC has collected and analyzed various forms of data from Japan’s national university hospitals, and provides feedback of the analytical results to facilitate the enhancement of these hospitals’ medical practice, education, and research.
Furthermore, the DBC has participated in the Hospital Functional Indicator Study from 2010, and I believe that it has made significant contributions to the development of functional improvement indicators for university hospitals.

Under the leadership of Professor Akira Hara (Director, University of Tsukuba Hospital)—who was appointed the Chairperson of the Database Management Committee by the National University Hospital Council of Japan—the committee members, affiliates such as steering committee members, and DBC staff endeavor to ensure the integrity of the collected data, conduct detailed examinations of definitions, and propose new data collection plans. In this way, the functions of the DBC have undergone consistent development.
We seek your continued cooperation in the DBC’s activities as we work together to support the improvement of the functions and operational management in Japan’s national university hospitals.

April 1, 2020
Shizuo IWASE
(General Manager of the Administration Office, The University of Tokyo Hospital)
Manager, Database Center of the National University Hospitals